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BMW CCC Backup Camera Retrofit

BMW CCC Backup Camera Retrofit

BMW CIC Backup Camera Retrofit

This BMW CIC Backup Camera Retrofit is compatible with all BMW models equipped with the BMW CIC command system. The comprehensive Multimedia Video Interface integrates through a simple plug-in connection to enable the viewing of external video sources such as Backup Camera (provided in kit), front camera and a 3rd DVR input.

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Add-On 

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BMW CIC Backup Camera System

The BMW CIC backup camera system is a multimedia user interface that connects our high definition rear view camera to the factory installed/OEM system currently in your vehicle. Once connected to the video interface module, the image appears automatically in high definition when the vehicle is placed into reverse. This system is a simple OEM integration package that maintains your factory set up while upgrading your vehicle with backup camera and full Multimedia Audio/Video integration.

BMW backup camera system

Keep Your Current Screen

THIS IS NOT A SCREEN REPLACEMENT. Our system utilizes your current radios existing harnesses to connect directly to the back of your OEM BMW CIC screen to seamlessly integrate the new functionality into your current system. Using you current screens decreases the potential for issues and ensures that you will keep all of the current features you know and love while also adding the new features you desire. 

Plug And Play

Once installed, you BMW CIC command system will be instantly equipped with the backup camera feature. No Programming or Dealer activation required. 

Camera Options

You can choose between multiple high definition backup cameras for this system. All of which will integrate with your already existing PDC (Parking Distance Control) for a picture-in-picture view of both the rear camera and your PDC if applicable.

Standard Flush Mount Camera - perfect for mounting on the lip above the license plate. It has over 170 degree view of the area behind you and works great in low light.

Adjustable Lens Camera - provides a little more flexibility with the exact angle of its view. This camera is for those who want to mount it their camera in a location other than near the license plate, such as on the spoiler or bumper. It's also recommended if your vehicle is lowered or raised.

Tailgate Handle Camera - gives your vehicle the OEM look. These replace the current handle on the trunk of your vehicle to include the camera as part of the handle itself. 

In addition to a rear camera, our module also supports a front camera input that will automatically trigger when shifting out of reverse and will time out after 15 seconds. 


This integration system comes with wiring specifically designed to connect to the factory BMW CIC command system. Therefore it is critical that you're certain your vehicle has the correct system before ordering. Below are examples of the user interfaces of the different BMW command systems. Please note that the years listed are the year ranges of BMW’s that typically have the corresponding command system. However, the year can vary slightly. Therefore it is more accurate to identify your command system based off of the design of the user interface. Please call or message before ordering if you are unsure of your command system. You can send a picture of your radio and screen (while the vehicle is on) to sales@emeraldintegrations .

BMW CCC Backup Camera System


How To Order

  1. Identify & select your current command system using the image above.
  2. Choose reverse camera and front camera options or decline by choosing "NONE".
    • Be sure to measure your trunk handle if choosing a Tailgate Handle Camera.
  3. Choose warranty.
  4. Add to Cart and start checkout process.
*Any amount shown to the right of an option will be added to your order automatically.*

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Multimedia Interface Specs


  • RCA*2 (front & rear view camera)
  • HDMI*1 (720P)
  • 3.5mm jack female*1 (add on microphone)***
  • HSD*1 (LVDS)


  • HSD*1 (LVDS)
  • WiFi & BT antenna*1 ***
  • 3.5mm jack male*1 (audio L/R)***

Power Spec:

  • Input power: 9V-16V
  • Consumption: 6W

*** = Only for Apple Carplay / Android Auto interface

Flush Mount Camera Specs

  • OEM Style Backup Camera
  • Can mount on license plate screw
    (to avoid drilling a hole)
  • Vivid Color High Resolution
  • 170° Wide Angle View
  • Parking Guide Lines Option (ON / OFF)
  • Mirroring Feature (On / OFF)
  • Waterproof Ip68
  • Shockproof
  • Simple Installation

Tailgate Handle Camera Specs
( For Select Vehicles Only)

  • OEM Style Tailgate Handle Backup Camera
  • Trunk release button
  • Vivid Color High Resolution
  • 170° Wide Angle View
  • Parking Guide Lines Option (ON / OFF)
  • Mirroring Feature (On / OFF)
  • Waterproof Ip68
  • Shockproof
  • Simple Installation

 Handle Camera Compatibility

Camera SKU Car Model Handle Measurement
BMW488 320i, 328i, 330i, 335i, X3, 530i, 535I, 535LI Vehicle Must Currently have a 4 1/3" Trunk Handle
BMW800 All other BMW 3 Series and all other 5 Series Vehicle Must Currently have a 6 1/3" Trunk Handle
Make sure you measure your trunk handle before purchasing.


Adjustable-Lens Camera Specs

  • Flush Mount Camera
  • Manually Adjustable Camera Lens
  • Vivid Color High Resolution
  • 170° Wide Angle View
  • Parking Guide Lines Option (ON / OFF)
  • Mirroring Feature (On / OFF)
  • Waterproof Ip68
  • Shockproof
  • Simple Installation


Package Contents


  • LVDS Cable
  • CAN/POWER Cable
  • AV Harness
  • Wifi Antenna
  • camera (optional)
  • Installation Guide

*Exact package contents may differ based on your vehicle specification and options chosen*


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