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About Emerald Integrations

Elite Product Selection

As experts in the field of vehicle electronics, we have taken the liberty to design, manufacture, and test products that we would use on our vehicles, so you have a selection of the most competitive products.

Premiere Online Shopping

We strive to offer you the best possible online shopping destination in order to save you money, time, and stress. After all Online Shopping should be fun, safe, and convenient. 

Quality Customer Satisfaction

Our team of associates are highly trained to answer your calls, emails, and customer service needs while delivering you an outstanding experience that leaves you feeling supported.


Over years of experience our company has become known for developing and delivering high quality leading edge vehicle technology to the industry. Emerald has emerged as one of fastest-growing companies in the Mobile Integration market by innovating proprietary products that are tailored to each vehicles design and function. We don't just provide you a consumer electronics product, we take pride in it, therefore it is important for us to know the ins and outs of all vehicle compositions in order to better equip you with what you need.


Emerald believes in optimizing everything from its technology to its systematic operation in order to bring you what we believe to be A New Standard In Mobile Integration.